Let the Orgasms Begin


Thanks for posting the Keshe video in your post yesterday:




As I watched, I had an overwhelming sense of peace and calm come over me. All of a sudden everything became crystal clear for me. Let me explain.

The video seems to suggest the breaking away of South America is imminent. Keshe even goes on to say that this is a birth. When you look at the above diagram, it’s as if the mother, North America, is attached to the child, South America, by an umbilical chord. The birth is the severing of the cord.

The birth analogy is apt. There is a ring of fire, an umbilical chord, a mother and child, and contractions, i.e the earthquakes. There is also the birth of the New Age.

SuspiciousObservers does a good job pointing out the connection between solar flares and volcanic and earthquake activity. Here’s today’s report:



There has been talk of a Kill Shot, a series of solar flares that will initiate great destruction. Your prophecies (I, II & III) claim “the sun is the catalyst” for the destruction that is necessary for the removal of the the U.S. government.

GE  shared that the “Followers of Light” had until August 2016 to come clean. That beyond that point events are set in motion that cannot be denied. Keshe seems to think that September is the month of the severing of the chord (my words). And, do you know what?…

I’m OK with that.

Because the way I see it, we’ve already had this experience. We need only remember.

In my opinion, the dark forces came in and hijacked this experience. They attempted to re-script the experience through scripture, religious indoctrination and prophecies of fear mongering.

Below is is short video to explain the subtleties of their technique from Brian Kemila of illuminatimatrix.com:



I live on the Oregon Coast. I’ve lived with the idea that if Yellstone erupts, then ‘they’ have had their way. But, thanks to the Keshe video, I now view it differently.

The Event, or the Moment of Justice, as I surmise, is the kill shot that will initiate the coming catastrophes. It will create a pole reversal that will fulfill all of the prophecies, to include the Last Day when the sun rises in the west.

My dog is afraid of thunder and fireworks. I suspected it was a primal fear of “they’re hunting wolves.” He’s an all white Siberian Husky who looks like a wolf. He woo’s instead of barking. This past month, he has been acting strange. He has a certain fear in his eyes, and he’s been talking a lot lately.

I get the feeling he’s warning me of an earthquake. He hears it, smells and tastes it. He FEELS it. I feel it, too. Only now I embrace it.

It only takes one centered individual to mitigate mob rule, thus ensuring a positive outcome. Who doesn’t remember this video:



Back to the birthing analogy. Today (9/07,2016) is my son’s 7th birthday. He was water birthed at home at 7:07 pm, weighing exactly 7 lbs. How’s that for coincidence? 😉

I didn’t learn until later that if you kiss your partner during contractions she will have an orgasmic experience, rather than a painful experience. See for example:



The way I see it, there are two ways to experience the incoming wave. One way is to resist it, projecting it downward and outward, thus having a “down and out” experience. The other is to embrace it and allow it to move inward and upward.

I suspect that this wave will arrive with such an intensity producing a cosmic contraction, such that the kundalini will rise activating the pineal gland giving rise to cosmic orgasms.



Kiss of the Muse, by Alex Grey

In my mind, awakening the third eye is equivalent to the lifting of the veil. A cosmic kiss from a Cosmic Muse.

Corey Goode mentioned that we will see the dead just prior to the event. American Kabuki says there will be a merging of the timelines. Perhaps we will just see what already exists all around us. Akin to our deceased family and friends ushering us into a portal or a spacecraft. Just pondering.

I remember a night, years ago, when I was in Southern California during the most intense thunder storm I have ever experienced. It seemed to be right overhead and lasted an hour. Like the heavens had been torn asunder.

It was so powerful that it brought me a certain exhilaration. I ran outside and screamed with every thunderclap,


It was as if I was remembering this coming experience.

I wish no harm to anybody, and I certainly do not wish to fan any one’s fears. I’m just saying that we need not fear any catastrophic outcomes. When the thunders come, grab your partner, embrace each other, and embrace these incoming energies.

This song comes to mind:



I feel closure. And it feels good! Let the orgasms begin…

Much love,